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Ski Dynafit Sphinx Women 2016

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Ski Dynafit Sphinx Women 2016

COD: ECH1318

Disponibilitate : Intreaba Disponibilitatea

Brand: Dynafit

2720,00 RON


 Dynafit Sphinx  este un schi jucausi, versatil, dedicat celor care doresc sa ajung in varful pantelor pline cu zapada folosind puterea proprilor muschi. Combinatia dintre constructia Ride Tip si miezul de lemna permite schiului o amortizare perfecta a socurilor, fara a compromite greutatea redusa a modelului. Cel mai mic efort din partea schiorului face schiul sa intre rapid pe canturi. Desi schiul are o pronuntata forma rocker, acest lucru nu ii afecteaza catusi de putin performanta in zapada dura.

RIDE TIP - Varful este realizat din Carbon, lucru care duce la reducere a greutatii, o amotizare optima a socului si a virbratilor. Rezultatul - precizie in viraje, amortizare perfecta si o alunecare lina.


  Lungimi disponibile  163170177
121 - 95 - 116 126 - 97 - 116 127 - 98 - 117
16 17 18
Tip 390 430 450
Greutate   1670 g  
Tail 230 250 270

The women's Sphinx free touring ski is the sister to the Meteorite ski. It offers a playful, versatile setup for all freeriding women who like to get to the top of powder slopes using their own muscle power, sticking to the saying, "Earn your turns." Engineered for women, this ski is lighter and softer than the men's Meteorite model and thus saves energy and makes for easier turning. The combination of a Ride Tip and an ash-poplar wood core lends the ski perfect damping properties to reduce chatter without giving up lightness. The lightest effort creates edge pressure that gets a reaction from the skis. Despite the powerful rocker shape, the Sphinx is a great choice even on the toughest terrain. The Double Ellipse Rocker allows you to vary edge contact to guarantee the perfect edge length. A free touring ski that is lightweight, forgiving and playful.

Ride Tip  - The special carbon core in the shovel ensures an effective reduction of mass and an optimization of vibration and damping properties. The resulting smoothness without chatter -- especially in changing snow conditions -- delivers perfect precision in turn initiation and dampens impacts like a shock absorber


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